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Class para identificar navegador e versão

21-06-2009 10:58

Essa class identifica e mostra na tela navegador e versão do browser.

<?php /***************************************************************** File name: browser.php Author: Gary White Last modified: November 10, 2003 ************************************************************** Copyright (C) 2003 Gary White This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details at: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html ************************************************************** Browser class Identifies the user's Operating system, browser and version by parsing the HTTP_USER_AGENT string sent to the server Typical Usage: require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/include/browser.php'); $br = new Browser; echo "$br->Platform, $br->Name version $br->Version"; For operating systems, it will correctly identify: Microsoft Windows MacIntosh Linux Anything not determined to be one of the above is considered to by Unix because most Unix based browsers seem to not report the operating system. The only known problem here is that, if a HTTP_USER_AGENT string does not contain the operating system, it will be identified as Unix. For unknown browsers, this may not be correct. For browsers, it should correctly identify all versions of: Amaya Galeon iCab Internet Explorer For AOL versions it will identify as Internet Explorer (AOL) and the version will be the AOL version instead of the IE version. Konqueror Lynx Mozilla Netscape Navigator/Communicator OmniWeb Opera Pocket Internet Explorer for handhelds Safari WebTV *****************************************************************/ class browser{ var $Name = "Unknown"; var $Version = "Unknown"; var $Platform = "Unknown"; var $UserAgent = "Not reported"; var $AOL = false; function browser(){ $agent = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; // initialize properties $bd['platform'] = "Unknown"; $bd['browser'] = "Unknown"; $bd['version'] = "Unknown"; $this->UserAgent = $agent; // find operating system if (eregi("win", $agent)) $bd['platform'] = "Windows"; elseif (eregi("mac", $agent)) $bd['platform'] = "MacIntosh"; elseif (eregi("linux", $agent)) $bd['platform'] = "Linux"; elseif (eregi("OS/2", $agent)) $bd['platform'] = "OS/2"; elseif (eregi("BeOS", $agent)) $bd['platform'] = "BeOS"; // test for Opera if (eregi("opera",$agent)){ $val = stristr($agent, "opera"); if (eregi("/", $val)){ $val = explode("/",$val); $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $val = explode(" ",$val[1]); $bd['version'] = $val[0]; }else{ $val = explode(" ",stristr($val,"opera")); $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; } // test for WebTV }elseif(eregi("webtv",$agent)){ $val = explode("/",stristr($agent,"webtv")); $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for MS Internet Explorer version 1 }elseif(eregi("microsoft internet explorer", $agent)){ $bd['browser'] = "MSIE"; $bd['version'] = "1.0"; $var = stristr($agent, "/"); if (ereg("308|425|426|474|0b1", $var)){ $bd['version'] = "1.5"; } // test for NetPositive }elseif(eregi("NetPositive", $agent)){ $val = explode("/",stristr($agent,"NetPositive")); $bd['platform'] = "BeOS"; $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for MS Internet Explorer }elseif(eregi("msie",$agent) && !eregi("opera",$agent)){ $val = explode(" ",stristr($agent,"msie")); $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for MS Pocket Internet Explorer }elseif(eregi("mspie",$agent) || eregi('pocket', $agent)){ $val = explode(" ",stristr($agent,"mspie")); $bd['browser'] = "MSPIE"; $bd['platform'] = "WindowsCE"; if (eregi("mspie", $agent)) $bd['version'] = $val[1]; else { $val = explode("/",$agent); $bd['version'] = $val[1]; } // test for Galeon }elseif(eregi("galeon",$agent)){ $val = explode(" ",stristr($agent,"galeon")); $val = explode("/",$val[0]); $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for Konqueror }elseif(eregi("Konqueror",$agent)){ $val = explode(" ",stristr($agent,"Konqueror")); $val = explode("/",$val[0]); $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for iCab }elseif(eregi("icab",$agent)){ $val = explode(" ",stristr($agent,"icab")); $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for OmniWeb }elseif(eregi("omniweb",$agent)){ $val = explode("/",stristr($agent,"omniweb")); $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for Phoenix }elseif(eregi("Phoenix", $agent)){ $bd['browser'] = "Phoenix"; $val = explode("/", stristr($agent,"Phoenix/")); $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for Firebird }elseif(eregi("firebird", $agent)){ $bd['browser']="Firebird"; $val = stristr($agent, "Firebird"); $val = explode("/",$val); $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for Firefox }elseif(eregi("Firefox", $agent)){ $bd['browser']="Firefox"; $val = stristr($agent, "Firefox"); $val = explode("/",$val); $bd['version'] = $val[1]; // test for Mozilla Alpha/Beta Versions }elseif(eregi("mozilla",$agent) && eregi("rv:[0-9].[0-9][a-b]",$agent) && !eregi("netscape",$agent)){ $bd['browser'] = "Mozilla"; $val = explode(" ",stristr($agent,"rv:")); eregi("rv:[0-9].[0-9][a-b]",$agent,$val); $bd['version'] = str_replace("rv:","",$val[0]); // test for Mozilla Stable Versions }elseif(eregi("mozilla",$agent) && eregi("rv:[0-9]\.[0-9]",$agent) && !eregi("netscape",$agent)){ $bd['browser'] = "Mozilla"; $val = explode(" ",stristr($agent,"rv:")); eregi("rv:[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]",$agent,$val); $bd['version'] = str_replace("rv:","",$val[0]); // test for Lynx & Amaya }elseif(eregi("libwww", $agent)){ if (eregi("amaya", $agent)){ $val = explode("/",stristr($agent,"amaya")); $bd['browser'] = "Amaya"; $val = explode(" ", $val[1]); $bd['version'] = $val[0]; } else { $val = explode("/",$agent); $bd['browser'] = "Lynx"; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; } // test for Safari }elseif(eregi("safari", $agent)){ $bd['browser'] = "Safari"; $bd['version'] = ""; // remaining two tests are for Netscape }elseif(eregi("netscape",$agent)){ $val = explode(" ",stristr($agent,"netscape")); $val = explode("/",$val[0]); $bd['browser'] = $val[0]; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; }elseif(eregi("mozilla",$agent) && !eregi("rv:[0-9]\.[0-9]\.[0-9]",$agent)){ $val = explode(" ",stristr($agent,"mozilla")); $val = explode("/",$val[0]); $bd['browser'] = "Netscape"; $bd['version'] = $val[1]; } // clean up extraneous garbage that may be in the name $bd['browser'] = ereg_replace("[^a-z,A-Z]", "", $bd['browser']); // clean up extraneous garbage that may be in the version $bd['version'] = ereg_replace("[^0-9,.,a-z,A-Z]", "", $bd['version']); // check for AOL if (eregi("AOL", $agent)){ $var = stristr($agent, "AOL"); $var = explode(" ", $var); $bd['aol'] = ereg_replace("[^0-9,.,a-z,A-Z]", "", $var[1]); } // finally assign our properties $this->Name = $bd['browser']; $this->Version = $bd['version']; $this->Platform = $bd['platform']; $this->AOL = $bd['aol']; } } ?>

Para usar a class faça um include do arquivo com a chamada

<?php include("arquivo-da-class.php"); $br = new Browser; echo "$br->Platform, $br->Name version $br->Version"; ?>


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